Croatia needs no introduction. Statistics show that this country has the fastest tourist growth in the Balkans, with 80% in the past five years, and it’s just getting started. After Zagreb and Zadar, Dubrovnik is its busiest town in terms of tourism, but destinations like Osijek, Vukovar, and Split are also beguiling for visitors, due to their cultural heritage, festivals, and countryside. We cannot ignore Croatia’s Game of Thrones appeal, its spectacular beaches and national parks, and the scrumptious food. Yes, Croatia still has an excellent production of organic vegetables domestically, and strong culinary traditions. Plus, the seafood is to die for.

Croatia: Dubrovnik needs no introduction. It is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, famous for its charming Old Town. Please note that if you visit this year, a law is in place to limit the number of tourists to no more than 8000 per day. The exception to the rule are visitors who buy the Dubrovnik Card, the key that opens the door to the top attractions of the city.

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