An independent republic since 2008, although Serbia still claims it as its own autonomous province, Kosovo is living a new dream. The country is landlocked between Albania, Macedonia, and Montenegro in the center of the Balkan Peninsula. Although the Kosovo War scared the land and its people, peace settled in, and now Kosovo is an inviting travel destination, with idyllic villages nestled along country roads through the Kopaonik and the Sharr Mountains or on the undulating hills leading to the plains Metohija and Kosovo. You will love hiking or cycling through the Rugova Canyon, or go chasing waterfalls like the picture-perfect White Drin Waterfall in the Žljeb mountain. You can explore the caves of Gadimje, or spend time sightseeing one of the larger cities of Kosovo.

Prizren, the most beautiful city in the country by many accounts, beckons with the Prizren Fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage listed attraction. The historic Old Stone Bridge (Ura e gurit)  over the river Prizrenska Bistrica is a cherished landmark of Prizren. Other attractions in Prizren include the Marash compound, the Shadervan neighborhood with its Turkish cafes, the 14th century Serbian orthodox monastery Our Lady of Ljevis, and the city’s eye-catching mosques.

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