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“We don’t merely book your travel, we can help you realize your travel dreams if you give us an idea of what kind of experience you seek!”

Epidamus Holidays is  composed by a team of professional people from different countries,religions and backgrounds.

What unites us is the passion for adventure and nature.

Conecting people and countries and helping locals to love and preserve  the environment is our main goal.

Epidamus is located in Copenhagen/Denmark and we are mainly operating and sharing services in countries like:

·         Albania

·         Kosovo

·         Greece

·         North Macedonia

·         Bosnia & Herzegovina

·         Montenegro

·         Croatia

Tourism has contributed greatly to the development of places and societies in the economic, cultural and social spheres, but this phenomenon can be quite dangerous if it is used and viewed in a non-responsible way.

It is for these reasons that a group of young people trained in tourism development and communication had the idea to create a tourism agency orientated towards alternative forms of tourism such as: ecotourism, responsible, sustainable and united.

Through a spirit of sustainable development, responsibility and justice we want to share with you the joy of discovering new places by stepping out of the comfort zone and above all we want to share with you the passion for adventure and nature.

Epidamus Holidays is commited in offering trips & tours created in a responsible way, so that during your stay in the chosen country, you will play an important role in the preservation of nature and also the actions that are taken by various associations, national and international NGO-s, hotels and restaurants that share the same vision with us!

Our services include:

1.       Tour planning

2.      Tours with reasonable and flexible prices

3.      Hotel, Transportation,car rental and other arrangements.

4.      Pre-Preparing you for the chosen country; Tips & Facts

One of our goals is to contribute as much as possible to the development of rural, mountainous and coastal areas by respecting and protecting the nature of each country. Also, discovering protected natural places and at the same time providing you a welcoming and a comfortable accommodation is one of our main everyday purposes.



Our team started small but we are highly optimistic that we will grow in time. Epidamus team is characterized by a great enthusiam about adventure, discovering new places and promoting an alternative tourism, the Eco-tourism.

1.  Andrea PalushiCEO

Andrea has more than 15 years experience in tourism. He started working in this field along with his brother and managed to create one of the most successful inbound travel & Tour agency. We can call him an expert in creating amazing tour packages and identifying new and unexplored routes.

2.  Dritan Lashi- SALES DEPARTMENT

Dritan studied Economics in Copenhagen Business School. He has been living in Denmark for more than 20 years. His interests lie in : Economics, Management, Tourism and Politics.


Elda is the local tour operator of our partner agency in Albania. She is highly passionate about discovering new places and engaging with different cultures.

Elda will make sure to assist you in every step of your trip and will provide you with all the necessary informations. 



“LAND of Albania! where Iskander rose, Theme of the young, and beacon of the wise, And he, his namesake, whose oft-baffled foes Shrunk from his deeds of chivalrous emprize: Land of Albania! let me bend mine eyes On thee, thou rugged nurse of savage men! The cross descends, thy minarets arise, And the pale crescent sparkles in the glen, Through many a cypress-grove within each city’s ken. “

George Gordon, Lord Byron (From Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage)

Albania is a relatively small country located in the southeastern side of Europe.

It borders with Montenegro to the northwest, Kosovo to the northeast, North Macedonia to the east, Greece to the south and Italy to the west.

Suffering a lot of invasions and one of the harshest dictatorships in Europe, Albania had a difficult time placing itself as a safe tourism country in the eyes of the world. Without doubt, there do exist a lot of stereotypes which may make people hesitant about coming to Albania but however, these kind of stereotypes are being reduced day by day because tourists are choosing to see the real Albania. And what is a better way to understand something than to personally experience it?


Some of the most prestigious magazines and travel blogs named Albania “a must visit” country. We will give you some reasons why we think this is true and after reading them all, you can start with packing. 😊




The Accursed Mountains or known otherwise as the Albanian Alps ( Bjeshket e Namuna) spread over the borders of Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro, and in Albania they reach a height of 2694m.

Without doubt, these mountains make some of the wildest, most magical and least explored places in Europe. Also this area has some of the world's best paths,trails,hikes and treks which became very famous after being discovered by the tourists and especially from the Byron's journey in Albania. There are aproximately around 22 hikes around the country so there's lot of outdoor opportunities waiting for you.




Albania has one the best Rivieras in Europe. What you will experience is : Clear crystal  waters, pristine and untouched beaches.

Also, make sure to visit the old Albanian villages alongside the Riviera for a fully Albanian hospitality and traditions.



For those of you who prefere to dwell in Albanian culture and heritage, we have a solution : Archaelogical and UNESCO sites. There are plenty of them in Albania.

1.      Berat


Berat is a 2,413 years old city and it is known by Albanians as “the town of thousand windows” because of its unique architecture.


2.     Gjirokastra


Gjirokasta, or The stone City is also part of UNESCO heritage sites.

The main characteristic of Gjirokastra is the intensive use of stones in building the houses, which look like small fortresses and the unique cobblestone Streets. This city is also home to one of the most famous ( internationally too) albanian writers, Ismail Kadare.


Other UNESCO sites


3.     Apollonia Archaelogical Park 



4.     Butrint  




         The best part of visiting a new country lies is when meeting with the locals. Albania has an ongoing history of its hospitality, and we don’t say this to brag but because it is true.

         Once in Albania, people will treat you as their guest of honor and will try to make your stay as beautiful as possible.


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