The Xhubleta (Jubilee) is an undulating, bell-shaped folk skirt, worn by Albanian women, a traditional piece of a women's clothing in northern Albania.  Xhubleta (Jubilee) has an ancient origin. It represents similarities[...]
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As a project of the Albanian Ministry of tourism and the Cooperation and Development Institute, The Wineroad is a discovery experience of the Albanian hinterland. Not very far from the seaside, are beautiful and lush vineyards, crop[...]
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Tirana Castle

The castle is a field fortification with a rectangular plan of 160 x 125 meters, the longest side being the east-west wall. The preserved constructions of some of the towers and segments of the surrounding walls indicate that the[...]
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Albania, a predominantly Muslim country, were Catholics and Orthodox also live-in harmony. Even Pope Francis has said that our country is a model of mutual respect and religious trust. Historically, in 1967, Albania declared[...]
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Albanian traditions and customs

The echo of footsteps in round dance and polyphonic songs has long passed the present borders of this small Balkan country. Successive waves of barbaric invasions to the annexations of the imperial powers more or less neighboring have[...]
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